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PawClean Cat Litter Shovel

PawClean Cat Litter Shovel

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Introducing the PawClean Cat Litter Shovel - your ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free litter cleanup!

Tired of making multiple trips to dispose of litter? Our shovel comes with a built-in trash can, allowing you to scoop up litter and dispose of it in one go. The large capacity scoop ensures you can clean up generous amounts of litter with ease. Plus, the bottom features a space for a litter bag, making disposal a breeze once it's full.

Crafted from high-quality plastic, our shovel is durable and easy to clean. The fine mesh screen filters out waste effortlessly, minimizing mess. With its convenient handle, our shovel is easy to use and operate.

Simplify your litter cleanup routine with the PawClean Cat Litter Shovel - because keeping your cat's area clean should be easy!

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